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Seabirds and dunes on the high sea island – Helgoland

Lange Anna Helgoland Steilküste Nordsee


19. Juni 2024




– Dürnen excursion on seabirds and biodiversity –

We explain to you how the impressive habitat of rocky mudflats and the island of Helgoland
have arisen. On the basis of flushing finds you will get impressions of the fascinating
Underwater world of the rock base.
A special highlight are our all year round on the Dune resting Grey seals and harbor seals . Especially at the change of coat – (in spring) and litter (in winter)
they are represented by hundreds on the dune . In the summer, the various breeding seabirds are also part of our tour. During the tour you will learn why the sea area around Helgoland is much richer in species than the Wadden Sea. How differently dune landscapes develop and what role the
Helgoland dune not only for seals and grey seals, but also for seabird species

The following learning modules fit this event:

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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


  • 19. Juni 2024 09:29   -   09:29
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